RS Tera Fleet Detail

RS Tera - 2 Fleets of 3 boats

Fleet 1 sail numbers: 2268,2269 and 2270
Fleet 2 sail numbers: 2537, 2538 and 2540 



Trailer: 6 numeric locks, 6 rope tie-downs, hitch lock with padlock and key, spare wheel; 3 aluminium launch trolleys complete

Each boat comes complete with: Black anodised two-part mast; black aluminium boom, padded head protector on boom (all carried in padded spar bag on fleet 1); 6:1 kicker; mainsheet; aluminium unsinkable foil (in padded carrying bag); lifting rudder stock, tiller and extension (in padded carrying bag); padded toe straps; capsize righting lines; lifting handles and top cover.

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Fleet Manager

The RYA Eastern Fleet Manager, Alex Phillips, can be contacted for additional information or to report any damage or missing parts on:

Telephone 07806 702482 or e-mail.