Topper Fleet Detail

Topper - 1 Fleet of 4 boats


Note: Lifejackets are no longer supplied with RYA East Training Fleets.

Report any damage or missing parts to RYA Eastern Region Fleet Manager, Alex Phillips, on  07806 702482 or e-mail.


 Storage box padlock. Retaining straps. Spare wheel. 4 Launching trolleys are also supplied
Boats: 4 Topper hulls, each with painter, dagger board, elastic, mainsheet blocks, rudders and tiller assemblies.
Sail numbers are 47586, 47587, 47588 and 47589.

Equipment: 4 sets of spars comprising: masts, sails, booms, kickers, mainsheets, outhauls,
tack and clew lines in storage sleeves.
Each boat is numbered, please do not mix equipment between fleets. Report immediately to the Fleets Manager if anything is broken or missing.

Topper Inventory



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Fleet Manager

The RYA Eastern Fleet Manager, Alex Phillips, can be contacted for additional information on:

Telephone 07806 702482 or e-mail.